Territory Marketing:


Some of the distribution

channels we cover are: 

Industrial Supply

Machine Tool Dealers
Tooling & Workholding Dlrs
Used Machine Dealers
Bearing and PT Distributors
Welding Supply
Cutting Tool Specialty Dealers
STAFDA Distributors
Oil Field Supply
Integrated Supply
Mill Supply
Fastener Dealers
MRO Dealers

Robert H. Severance Co., Inc.

Manufacturers Representatives

Supporting Distributors In the Southwest

​Why Robert Severance Co?

We have an intimate understanding of distribution and customers in the Southwest.  With over 55 years of working closely with local distributors and offering our sales, marketing and engineering assistance, our firm has earned the dealers “Trust”.  We also have intrinsic knowledge of manufacturing and are able to offer technical assistance and recommendations to a wide variety of manufacturing related plants.

Our understanding of both Dealers and Manufacturers mutual problems involved in market penetration enable us to tailor a marketing and sales plan and program specifically designed for a product.  We also are able to offer better market position and increase sales.

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Product Knowledge:

Through complete understanding of the products, their applications and hands on use, we can then assist the distributor and customer in applications. We believe in continuing education for product and application training for ourselves so we can adequately work with dealers and customers.


Continuous training of dealer sales personnel including their outside and inside sales personnel enables them to be more comfortable with the products. Training sessions at the dealer’s location and training at our Grand Prairie Training center.  We also do customer training on products in the form of continuing education and updates.  And we offer training and updates for the application engineers at the machine tool dealers in our territory to keep them updated on the latest in manufacturing improvement and ideas.

Trade Shows .. We exhibit in the major and minor tradeshows within our territory, and will usually be in support of the local dealer to promote their activity.  We also work the local machine tool dealer’s and tech dealer’s open houses.

Newsletter and Tech Bulletins .. are produced in house, offering updated information facts and sales assistance ideas to the Distributor’s staff.  Many bulletins and targeted newsletters are also sent to an extensive customer mailing list of key contacts sorted by interest, job description and /or industry type.

Territory Performance .. through our own computer sales analysis program we are able to review each distributor and individual product and adjust sales assistance or penetration as required.

Customer Visits ..  working closely with the dealer sales personnel is paramount to achieving regional sales growth.  We assist the dealer’s sales staff in specifying a product for the application by making joint calls direct to customers, and our many years experience in working with and knowing the local manufacturers.

Sales Leads .. are computerized and printed on our own forms and sent to the dealer for follow-up.  Quarterly reports provide both the dealers and manufacturers with an update and status of each lead.

Target Markets .. designed to help dealer sales personnel identify and key in on specific customers and types.